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Myths and reality about technological developments: separating hype from value​ 

In this article, we explore several key insights that were shared during the presentation. We zoom into the myths and realities surrounding technological developments and discuss how to distinguish hype from actual value.

The ASC yard vs. the transhipment factor

In a recent keynote (#CTAC USA 2023 in Norfolk), Rich Ceci and Yvo Saanen presented lessons learnt from 20 years of terminal development in the port of Virginia.

Maximizing terminal performance through integration of equipment design in bulk terminals

The integrated model integrates all of the major parts, including trucks, storage, conveyors, (un)loaders and vessels of a bulk terminal.

Decoupling operations: what are the benefits?

Applying a core logistical concept into container terminals: buffering. In this article, we like to explore the benefits of decoupling, as they are not always seen.

Decoupling impact versus driving distance

In this article, Yvo Saanen discusses the (beneficial) effect of decoupling vs driving distance. A theme that keeps coming back in our planning work at Portwise.

Can Portwise simulation models be used as digital twins?

This article explains the simulation models of Portwise, the possibilities for digital twinning in (container) terminal operations, and whether these two worlds can meet.

10 key actions for terminals and ports

Technology has become an enabler in developing innovative, value adding solutions that actually address real-life problems.