A safe harbour in choppy waters

The container and bulk terminal industry is the beating heart of global logistics. At Portwise, we’ve had our finger on the pulse for decades.

With fast-moving global developments and megatrends making waves, new challenges are constantly emerging for port and terminal operations. Scroll down for our insights into the main challenges facing the industry – and click here to discover our solutions for smarter, more efficient and more sustainable global logistics.

Mastering long-term planning

Change can be daunting – especially for an industry designed around consistency and reliability. Keeping eyes on the long-term horizon is essential for ensuring a flexible, resilient and high-performing future, even in a constantly shifting environment.

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Optimising operation efficiency

When it comes to operational success, attention to detail is important – and so is the bigger picture. Adopting a holistic view of a terminal’s operations can help identify areas for improvement and deliver incremental optimisations that add up to major efficiency gains.

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Investing in a successful future

Futureproof financials are a no-brainer for any ambitious business – not least in a time of high energy prices and inflation. By balancing short-term developments with long-term projections, port and terminal operations can chart a direct course to their goals.

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Contributing to a sustainable industry

The challenges of the sustainability transition are being felt across industries and value chains – and logistics is no exception. Bulk and container terminal operators can play a vital role in supporting progress towards global circularity and net-zero targets.

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