Automation has become common practice in ports in the last two decades, yet mostly for greenfield developments. With the automation of more conventional terminal equipment, such as automated RTGs and automated Straddle Carriers, the automation of existing (brownfield) terminal operations will be a viable alternative for port operators to consider.

Portwise has developed a systematic approach – based on 20 years terminal automation practice how to identify the most suitable options for automation of an existing container terminal and to understand the impact in terms of finances and implementation phasing: the Automation Quick Scan. The approach considers the local circumstances and limitations so that the result is an operationally and financially viable path to automation.

The Portwise Automation Quick Scan will address the impact – over time – of relevant technologies on various operational KPIs, such as operating cost per container, productivity levels, impact on safety, labour deployment, and throughput.

Brownfield automation projects have more challenges than greenfield projects:

  • Implementation / construction needs to be performed in a live terminal. Business continuity is vital.
  • Automated and manual operation need to co-exist for years. Interoperability is key!
  • Selected automated technology needs to be compatible with the existing equipment.
  • Brownfield automation does not allow for a gradual ramp up of operations. Existing volumes needs to be handled from the start at high productivity.

The following topics are generally addressed as part of an automation review

  • Path to automation: how to arrive from the current situation to the desired situation.
  • Technology roadmap
  • Impact analysis covering capacity gain over time, financial implications (CAPEX / OPEX development) and other relevant criteria (sustainability, safety, etc).
  • 3D representation of the path to automation.

Terminal automation & modernisation review project from Portwise

We have a loyal team of dedicated consultants who work on Portwise’s terminal automation & modernisation advicery projects. The automation of existing (brownfield) terminal operations will be a viable alternative for port operators to consider and our advice can include an inventory of automation technologies that is relevant to the local terminal situation, trajectory from “as-is” to “to-be” and impact on CAPEX / OPEX.

The value Portwise delivers:

  • Automation Quick Scan.
  • The most realistic and efficient technology development path.
  • Clear business case to future-proof your terminal.

What makes Portwise different?

  • We have been involved in the majority of terminal automation projects globally.
  • Designed and tested algorithms of real TOS and ECS.
  • Dedicated team of experts with long track record.

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