Road to carbon zero

The challenges of the sustainability transition are being felt across industries and value chains – and logistics is no exception. Bulk and container terminal operators can play a vital role in supporting progress towards global circularity and net-zero targets.

The future of global logistics is closely tied up with the industry’s progress on sustainability. With regulations changing and markets demanding greener shipping solutions, the race is on for container and bulk terminals to keep up – and get ahead.

Navigating towards net zero

Operators need to maintain a healthy business while also contributing to a healthy future for the planet and the generations to come. A long-term approach to strategic and operational planning is key, considering different time horizons and scenarios. Also key is exploring ways to minimise a terminal’s environmental footprint and enhance its social contribution.

From faster decarbonisation, better waste management and enhanced safety practices to reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and noise and light pollution, there’s a lot to consider. And there’s no time to lose. Implementing new, more sustainable procedures and technologies may incur upfront costs, but for terminals looking to futureproof their operations for a net-zero world, the time to invest in sustainability is now.

Optimising operational efficiency

Adopting a holistic view of a terminal’s operations can help identify areas for improvement that add up to major efficiency gains.

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Investing in a successful future

Futureproof financials are a no-brainer for any ambitious business – not least in a time of high energy prices and inflation.

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Mastering long-term planning

Keeping one eye on the long-term horizon is essential for ensuring a flexible, resilient, high-performing future, even in a constantly shifting environment.

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