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Performance assessment of minimized AGV apron

In this article we explore the impact on waterside performance levels. To validate the performance impact of the proposed apron layout, a dynamic simulation was conducted.

Autonomous vehicles: the way forward for automation?

While technology readiness is being addressed with tremendous efforts from various suppliers, in-depth attention to these two other pillars is still lacking. We also started looking into these two topics to bridge the gap from a terminal operation perspective.

Maintaining reliable quay crane productivity in RTG terminals with high storage density

We studied the impact of density in the storage yard of container terminals on quay crane productivity, and how to reduce the drop of productivity at high densities.

Brownfield terminal automation: 5 major pitfalls

The road to automation is full of risks and challenges. If such challenges are not tackled adequately, the objectives may not be achieved. Here we discuss a number of pitfalls to be avoided during the implementation of (automation) technology.

Myths and reality about technological developments: separating hype from value​ 

In this article, we explore several key insights that were shared during the presentation. We zoom into the myths and realities surrounding technological developments and discuss how to distinguish hype from actual value.

Minimised AGV apron. An alternative approach to waterside operations.

This article describes an alternative approach for the interchange between QC and AGV at a similar footprint as for terminals with manned vehicles.

Saving Energy at Terminals

The energy transition should start with operational efficiency, better information flow, better planning, and many more operational improvement measures.

Can Portwise simulation models be used as digital twins?

This article explains the simulation models of Portwise, the possibilities for digital twinning in (container) terminal operations, and whether these two worlds can meet.

A design approach for robotized maritime container terminals

Although container volume growth is stagnating, the terminal industry is still being challenged with change, and resulting pressure.

Technologies that bring value to ports and terminals

For automated equipment as well, which requires a fail-safe and continuous communication, 5G provides a much better foundation than common WiFi connections.

Turning data into knowledge: Bridging the gap in the terminal industry

Using data to drive operational improvements is a common industry practise, and the port logistics industry is no exception.