Portwise, originally founded as part of TBA Group, is a world-leading consultancy and simulation firm for terminal logistics. We believe in the value of a connected world where logistics is and remains an important factor for well-being and prosperity worldwide. Global logistics can be designed and organised smarter, more efficiently and more sustainably. By using our extensive knowledge, smart software tools, and intelligent simulation models we give you the best advice that results in an optimized, sustainable and smart working terminal. 


Portwise strengthens terminal automation expertise with launch of Automation Consulting business line.

The new business line will be assisting terminal operators in translating design concepts into fully operational and efficient automated terminals. This strategic addition to Portwise’s services reinforces the company’s focus on delivering comprehensive support beyond the design phase.

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Reference Story

Portwise’s validation expertise a vital component in Georgia Ports Authority’s decision process

As a result of improvements recommended by Portwise, Georgia Ports Authority effectively doubled its volume over the last decade.

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Portwise uses models, tooling and expertise, to design smarter, more efficient and more sustainable ports and terminals for future-proof logistics around the world.

Autonomous vehicles: the way forward for automation?

While technology readiness is being addressed with tremendous efforts from various suppliers, in-depth attention to these two other pillars is still lacking. We also started looking into these two topics to bridge the gap from a terminal operation perspective.

9 tips that helps you maximizing productivity and throughput of your bulk terminal.

What is the secret behind it that helps to save millions of pounds annually by maximizing both productivity and throughput? Our dedicated team of modelling experts shares 9 tips.

Portwise strengthens terminal automation expertise with launch of Automation Consulting business line.

Based on our expertise and experiences from many automation implementation projects around the world, we meet the needs of terminals to take their automation projects to new heights.

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