Portwise, originally founded as part of TBA Group, is a world-leading consultancy and simulation firm for terminal logistics. We believe in the value of a connected world where logistics is and remains an important factor for well-being and prosperity worldwide. Global logistics can be designed and organised smarter, more efficiently and more sustainably. By using our extensive knowledge, smart software tools, and intelligent simulation models we give you the best advice that results in an optimized, sustainable and smart working terminal. 

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TBA's design, simulation, and consultancy operations continue under the name Portwise.

The new name and visual identity highlight Portwise’s ambitions to be the absolute authority when it comes to design and planning of terminals, including modernisation, operational improvements planning and financial evaluation.

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Reference Story

Portwise’s validation expertise a vital component in Georgia Ports Authority’s decision process

As a result of improvements recommended by Portwise, Georgia Ports Authority effectively doubled its volume over the last decade.

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Learn more about how Portwise simplifies ports, terminals and warehousing operations on a global scale, enabling every client to perform safely and efficiently.

A design approach for robotized maritime container terminals

Although container volume growth is stagnating, the terminal industry is still being challenged with change, and resulting pressure.

10 key actions for terminals and ports

Technology has become an enabler in developing innovative, value adding solutions that actually address real-life problems.

Technologies that bring value to ports and terminals

For automated equipment as well, which requires a fail-safe and continuous communication, 5G provides a much better foundation than common WiFi connections.

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