With VentuSim released, Portwise’s simulation library now includes offshore wind ports.

Portwise and SkyRock Advisors are thrilled to announce the expansion of Portwise’s extensive modelling library to incorporate offshore wind terminals. This innovative addition, VentuSim, integrates features from Portwise’s well established simulation models for container and bulk operations with new logic for this specific logistical challenge. VentuSim provides comprehensive support for the burgeoning demand for ports to accommodate offshore wind energy project developments. SkyRock Advisors, bringing their remarkable experience in offshore wind marshalling, have played a pivotal role in defining and validating the model development for offshore wind terminals, ensuring both its robustness and effectiveness.

Amidst the escalating need for sustainable energy, the global offshore wind energy industry is witnessing accelerated growth, marked by the execution of numerous large-scale offshore wind farm projects. As the industry ventures into larger scale projects and deeper waters with floating wind turbines, the role of ports becomes increasingly pivotal in facilitating the efficient and safe handling of transport and assembly vessels, and provision of space for the storage and assembly of wind turbine components.

Figure 1: Top view of the simulation model VentuSim

Offshore wind developers, port authorities, terminal operators, port project developers, contractors, and various stakeholders involved in offshore wind farm projects are eager to ensure the ports chosen for marshalling are capable of delivering success. Questions around the capacity (both yard size and quay length) of wind marshalling terminals, maximum component inventory, optimisation potential, potential bottlenecks, and effective port selection for wind farm projects underscore the critical need for refined modelling and analysis.

Figure 2: VentuSim Dashboard has several KPIs that show progress and service levels over the course of the project

Given the often uncertain and multifaceted parameters pertinent to assessing a terminal’s capabilities, the combined expertise of Portwise and SkyRock Advisors in port and terminal development projects equips offshore wind port developers, terminal operators, and port authorities to make informed decisions using this robust decision-making tool. If you would like to discuss your specific challenges with one of our consultants, please reach out via the email below.

Peter Ford (SkyRock Advisors): “Offshore wind marshalling ports are many times the limiting factor for governments to meet their energy transition goals and SkyRock has been helping clients worldwide build this important infrastructure. We are thrilled to announce this joint effort to introduce this cutting-edge simulation software to the market, empowering terminal project owners and OSW developers to streamline and enhance their decision-making processes”.

Martijn Coeveld (Portwise): “We are excited to deploy Portwise’s established conceptual design and optimisation approach, honed over 25 years in container and bulk terminals globally, to the benefit of the offshore wind energy industry. We believe this is one of the major pillars in advancing energy transition and we are proud to be part of that journey”.


Martijn Coeveld, Managing Director / martijn.coeveld@portwiseconsultancy.com
Peter Ford, Founding Partner / pford@skyrockadvisors.com

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