Portwise will present at the Future-Proof Technologies Conference

We’re exited to be part of this great event in Dubai on February 29th.

Join Dr. Yvo Saanen, Managing Director of Portwise, for a Q&A session at the Future-Proof Technology Event in Dubai on February 29th, organized by Transport & Logistics Middle East. This session will be conducted in collaboration with industry guru and thought-leader Lars Jensen. During the session, they will share their insights on one of the main challenges facing the maritime industries in the next decades: achieving carbon neutrality. Mr. Sannen and Mr. Jensen will address questions related to the impact of electrification on ports and terminals, how technological developments can address specific challenges to generate tangible business value, and the continued significance of worldwide logistics as a crucial factor for global well-being and prosperity.

During his second session Dr. Yvo Saanen will speak about the road to carbon zero is not just as simple as buying electric equipment. Based on his 20 years of experience optimizing terminals around the world, he will discuss and answer questions about the impact of electrification for ports. This includes topics such as the sourcing of electricity, renewable energy, how operational efficiency contributes to the road to zero emissions, and how various handling systems have different emission patterns. Including, how Yvo and his team using intelligent simulation models to get the best plan for an optimized, sustainable, and smart working terminal.

Great to be part of this event and share our expertise on future-proof logistics! To learn more about the event and to register, please click here.