Portwise strengthens terminal automation expertise with launch of Automation Consulting business line.

Rijswijk, March 2024 – Portwise, a world-leading consultancy and simulation firm for logistics in ports, terminals, and warehouses, is pleased to announce the launch of its Automation Consulting business line. The new business line will be assisting terminal operators in translating design concepts into fully operational and efficient automated terminals. This strategic addition to Portwise’s services reinforces the company’s focus on delivering comprehensive support beyond the design phase and aligns perfectly with its commitment to emphasising the importance of automation in future-proof terminal logistics.

In today’s world, where a lot of container terminals still have (mostly) manual operations, the need of automation increases due to environmental considerations, labour shortages, and the push for better efficiency and higher capacity utilisation. With the launch of this new business line, Portwise aims to address the needs of port operators worldwide in making critical decisions regarding the implementation of automation, selecting suitable technologies, organising the automation project, and establishing the necessary operational structures post-automation, to reduce project risks, avoid project delays and budget overruns.

With our expertise and experiences from our involvement in many automation implementation projects around the world, we are ready to assist port operators to take their automation projects to new heights and strengthen our ability to provide end-to-end services.

Kaj de Groot, Director of Automation Projects: We see that technology suppliers often focus on the technical feasibility. The critical part is making it work together as a whole. With our Automation Consulting business line, we focus on automation projects where systems, people and equipment get equally as much attention, as we believe that’s fundamental to ensure high performing terminal operations.

In Portwise’ terminal automation practice, we have developed a systematic approach to identify all relevant aspects for automation of an existing (brownfield) or new (greenfield) container terminal. With the new Automation Consulting business line, Portwise goes beyond the design and automation feasibility phase and will provide services that include tender assistance and evaluation, risk reduction and rollout strategies, testing, implementation and change management and performance optimisation.

We look forward to assisting port operators in successful automation implementation projects as this will greatly contribute to future-proof terminal logistics. If you would like to discuss your terminal automation challenges with one of our consultants, please reach out via the email below.

Visit the Portwise Automation Consulting page for more information.

Jeroen Kats, Project Director / marketing@portwiseconsultancy.com
Kaj de Groot, Director of Automation Projects / kaj.de.groot@portwiseconsultancy.com 

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