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Portwise paves the way for La Spezia Container Terminal’s visionary goals

Portwise (formerly known as TBA Consultancy) completed an expansion assessment study for La Spezia Container Terminal (LSCT) in Italy. Based on this study, LSCT finalized a Business Development Plan, which supported the revised concession agreement signed with the Porth Authority at the end of July 2022. Portwise’ work included capacity evaluations (quay, yard, and rail) and layout re-evaluation to help LSCT make the decision on the short-term expansion. This was the first critical step for LSCT to kick-off the entire expansion development plan.

Critical development decisions

The expansion is a critical development project for LSCT to accommodate future volume growth and container handling. Automation is considered a key element for the expansion. LSCT was impressed by the competency and the simulation expertise of the Portwise team in an earlier terminal design study in 2017. In this earlier study, different options (including automated options) were investigated for the terminal expansion, starting from the current combined RTG/CRMG/RS operation. The new study was executed to further detail the short-term expansion plan to accommodate the strong growth perspective towards 2M TEU per annum. Automation of the expansion area provides the capacity increase needed to support the expected large vessels (400m), particularly in the Far East – Europe trades. In addition, automation also ensures sustainability and financial viability for the future development. Also, the opportunities for a high performing rail operation with expanded capacity were identified. This further increase in LSCT’s hinterland connectivity supports LSCT’s ambition to be the gateway of Italy and Central Europe. Finally, the plan provides environmental gains by increasing rail over road transportation.

LSCT’s General Manager said the following about the evident choice for Portwise: “It made sense to use Portwise again as they already had the knowledge, and we were very satisfied about the results. Portwise has a high competency and has a pragmatic view on achieving the results within the economics constraints. We have established a professional friendship, and they have realised an on-time delivery to expectancy. It was and is the right choice to pick Portwise.”

Picture: La Spezia Container Terminal in Italy as is currently and the future.

Data driven pioneering enables realisation of vision

LSCT currently handles around 1.3M TEU per year of which up to 30% is moved inland by rail. The short-term plans envision increased throughput capacity up to 2M TEU per year, with 50% being moved inland by rail. To support the increased waterside demand, the terminal will build a new berth capable of accommodating the world’s largest container vessels (400m). New cranes will service vessels 25 rows across and have a lift height above rail in excess of 50m. Automated yard cranes are planned for increasing capacity, performance, reliability and sustainability. All these improvements consolidate the competitiveness of LSCT being the key point along the entire shipping network in the region. Rail facility expansion, enhanced with automation technologies, is also on the roadmap. The expansion will strongly increase LSCT’s intermodal capacity and connectivity towards the growing hinterland development of Italy and Central Europe.

LSCT General Manager stated: “We have to make it possible. Continuous improvement is essential for any terminal operation and development. In any business case development and decision-making, we should always ‘study’, ‘check’, ‘control’ and then ‘realise’, as the approach to plan properly on paper and achieve in reality. This is what we did and what we will continue to do.”

LSCT believes high performance automation is the future in order to serve their clients in the best way possible. LSCT wants to be the trusted partner for their clients and all the supply chain through credibility, arrival times and intermodal delivery. LSCT’s aim is to be the gateway of central Europe by means of the best technologies to move goods from ship to factory in a quick and efficient way.

LSCT General Manager stated: “To achieve all the goals for future development, LSCT needs to think about all areas – berth, yard, intermodal – and plan accordingly for future. With Portwise’ contributions via their studies, we are able to make the decision, given the available space and condition with what LSCT has, to get to the best suitable solution for a sustainable investment.”

"With Portwise’ contributions via their studies, we are able to make the decision to get to the best suitable solution for a sustainable investment.”

General Manager, La Spezia Container Terminal

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